Our Company

Calor Service was founded in 1970 as an oil deposit. The building and the loading dock were owned by Shell since the 50’s. In fact, our company is one of the oldest petroleum deposits in Sicily, with state of the art machinery.


Our business model

Our company is lean and direct. Whether it’s a small farming business or a distribution enterprise, we are able to satisfy any need, including brokering at a national level. We provide customer care at all times, also after-sale support.


Our Services

We sell any petroleum product. We can stock various types of diesel fuel, for heating systems, for agricultural use, boat fuel, and gasoline. We have the ability to make any type of delivery, including bunkering.


Why choose us

  • We are an established company in the business of petroleum products
  • We use new generation materials and plants
  • Isoil S.p.A. double loading platform, with high/ low loading capabilities
  • Powerful Silea pumping system
  • In Line Denaturation plant (Isoil S.p.A.)
  • We sell any type of diesel oil or gasoline
  • We have a competitive price policy

Our location

Our clients